Reefpoint Marina Hooking New Boaters Compliments

SG Marina, a division of Siegel-Gallagher Management Company, has recently been making some positive waves in the media.  Reefpoint Marina is a municipal marina managed by Siegel-Gallagher under the expert direction of John Matheson.  An article discussing Reefpoint was included in The Journal Times earlier this July.  Entitled “They’ll Float Your Boat,” the article discusses the vast improvements that Reefpoint has seen since SG Marina has taken over management. By creating a completely “new culture” based on exceptional service and the CARE Core Values, Reefpoint is on pace to improve occupancy by over 75 boats in one year.

As SG Marina started its second year of management at Reefpoint, they took over the dockside shop in the main building.  By taking boater opinions into account, SG Marina reshuffled the merchandise selection and renamed the store Anchors Away Ship Store, which now offers marine and boating supplies, as well as ice cream, kringle, breakfast sandwiches and a fresh-coffee station.

Working with Matheson on improvements, Carrie Neubecker, the marina manager, has been key to the success. Even with all of the improvements, Neubecker says, “Much of what holds boaters is cleanliness; whether it’s bathrooms or docks. Keeping them free of seagull droppings is a daily battle.” But, Neubecker continues, “The ultimate weapon against the seagull problem is having lots of boaters, because gulls don’t like being around people.” Reefpoint can also look ahead and see promise: Neubecker said she already has new boaters prepaid in full for next year.