SGMC Takes Hold of ReefPoint

June 17, 2013

Journal Times by Alison Bauter

RACINE — The new managers for the county-owned Reefpoint Marina are taking charge, identifying and addressing issues from staffing to cleanliness, according to a report released by the company.

Hired by the county to oversee marina operations and outreach, Milwaukee-based Siegel-Gallagher assessed the situation and solicited boater opinions, then presented the resulting operations overview to the County Board’s finance committee last week.

Siegel-Gallagher took over management in May, and started its tenure by talking to boaters to find out where improvements were needed. Consultant John Matheson tallied the resulting comments and complaints in an occasionally harsh 20-page report.

“… a common complaint was lack of follow-through on requests for repairs,” the report states. “Some boaters mentioned requesting … the same work going back to last year with no action. There is no process for work orders to be initiated, assigned, completed, logged, or checked for quality.” And, according to the report, “Boaters complained that trash cans on the docks are overflowing by 5 or 6 p.m. every weekend.”

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