Siegel-Gallagher Management Company Awarded Contract for Waukegan Harbor and Waukegan National Airport

The Waukegan Port District board of directors awarded a management contract for Waukegan Harbor and Waukegan National Airport to SG Marina and SG Aviation, divisions of Milwaukee-based Siegel-Gallagher Management Company.

“Both the harbor and airport provide a significant contribution to the regional economy now, but have the opportunity to play a much larger role,” said Grant B. Farrell, chairman of the Port District Board. “We believe that bringing in a professional management company to assist with operations will provide us the best chance to significantly improve these important assets.”

“Waukegan’s airport and harbor are a perfect fit for our management model and our experience,” said John Matheson, chief operating officer for SG Airport and SG Marina. “The airport location, amenities and available space for expansion provide the fundamentals for taking a bold leap forward in growth. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to work with the board to fulfill this vision.”

SG Marina plans to explore additional uses for Waukegan Harbor and the adjacent land in order to expand and maximize the activity and revenue at the port.